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Best Baby Bib The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Replica

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Last night I was perusing Amazon for a completely unrelated product when I came across this baby bib. It is a tri force of perfection. This bib consists of your baby, a Zelda tunic and a shield. This is a baby bib replica from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

**** Disclaimer: This post may cause individuals to suddenly want to have a baby.  While this post can not actually cause pregnancy from reading it, it can cause over zealous reaction that can lead to thoughts of adding a child to your home. Please consult your SO, friends, family if you are not sure if these new or unusual thoughts are a result of this post or if they are your own thoughts and ideas. This blog shall in no way be responsible for any monetary, child support or parental visits for offspring that occur as a result to reading this post. Oh… and this also has an affiliate link to the world’s greatest baby invention ever IMHO ***

Behold, in all its glory…..

How is this the best Zelda Baby Bib, you ask?

Imagine for a moment that your sweet little baby with sweet potatoes on his face is looking up at you like a young Link would have in Kakariko Village. You can imagine it. Sure he wouldn’t have had that shield yet (or maybe he did since he was traveling through time !!!! ). 

And, I totally get it if you can’t stand the idea of your child getting food on this sweet tunic. To be honest, I would cringe every time something dripped on it. I would prob end up using this as a drooling bib. But have no fear, this bib is water proof. Not only could it survive your baby’s sweet potato massacre, it could survive several passes through a water temple. Obviously they would need a Zora tunic eventually, but this would get you to a water medallion with ease.

Added bonus

Added bonus, your kid is crawling around on the floor dressed in Zelda cosplay. 

Now, image your child in a regular, old blue or pink baby bib with a poorly drawn sailboat or something on it. I mean, sure, that’s prob ok for when grandma comes over, but is that really the stale everyday baby bib you want your kid wearing? Or do you want your baby to eat mashed peas and carrots hero style. You don’t even need to think about it. You already know the answer. You want your baby to wear the best Zelda baby bib we’ve ever seen.

Initially I was disappointed that it didn’t come with the sword of time, but that actually makes total sense. What does a baby need a sword for? Might as well give the kid a bomb bag. A slingshot, maybe. I’m ok letting them learn to walk before they start destroying the house plants looking for rupees. 

Best Zelda Baby Bib

Best Zelda Baby Bib for your little hero.

Significance of Ocarina of Time

I think it is significant that Ocarina of Time was used as the inspiration for this baby gear. Ocarina of Time re-introduced Zelda to a new generation of gamers while also giving loyal fans a walk down memory lane. Ocarina of Time launched decades of new and amazing Zelda games for future generations to grow up on. While not every Zelda game is equal in quality, story line or artwork, and many will argue that Majora’s Mask is the center piece for each game to be measured, Zelda itself IS the iconic game that launched the Nintendo world. We grew up with it. We played it over and over again. We camped out at stores just to get the first copies of Zelda.  

Sure, Mario was there. And he did a good job. But too many flubs along the way has had a detrimental affect on the fan base. That is a blog post for another time. Still love Mario!!

I could literally write a book or three on Zelda, but I’ll keep it short. The important thing at this moment is the world’s best (IMHO) Zelda baby bib.  Get it here. 

Answer the call of the hero. Start your baby’s adventure now!


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