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Frankenstein Light Switch Mooohahah

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Did you ever pretend you were a mad scientist as a child? Maybe you built your own laboratory out of cardboard boxes or just used your imagination. Did you imagine a dark laboratory room, dimly lit by incandescent bulbs and vacuum tubes. Maybe your lab had a slab of old tar stained wood for your subjects to be tied down. Or, maybe your lab had a matter transportation pad or a time machine. Maybe you were concocting potions or morphing animals together into a new super hybrid. Whatever you were creating, I bet your lab had one of these. A Frankenstein style throw switch. Frankenstein Light Switch Plate

A Frankenstein style throw switch.

When I saw this little piece of nostalgic magic on Etsy, I had to buy it. It was simple and beautiful and the perfect addition to my home office. 

Toggling the lights have never been more fun. In fact, what was just a muscle memory motion before is now oddly enjoyable every time I do it. It just puts a wisp of a smile on my face as I head into my office. 

My kids come down to my office just to play with my light switch and pretend they are about to change the world with a magical electric switch. If you buy one for yourself, you might want to get the kiddos one as well.

frankenstein lab

This Frankenstein style light switch came from a little shop called FunOrders based out of Ohio. They are a 3d print shop that makes just about anything you could want, and they do a bit of custom orders as well. You can buy everything from a Pickle Rick cookie cutter to a middle finger fly swatter. 

Fun as hell

While this enjoyable toy is not exactly a movie prop, it is definitely fun as hell. The price was awesome and the quality surprised me. For what I paid (9.99) I didn’t expect the light switch cover to be as great as it is. 

It came in 3 pieces, the plate, the handle and the adapter for the actual switch. Install is pretty straight forward. I did find that on the switch adapter I had to press it pretty firmly to get the piece to stay on. But once I got it on, it has stayed on nice and tight. 

Frankenstein light switch plate unboxing

One of the things I really enjoy about the Frankenstein style light switch is the tactile feedback. It gives a little click as you move the handle up and down. This is particularly nice because who wants an awesome light switch with no feed back?!?!?!?! The little click helps alleviate the disappointment of not hearing the low grumble of a machine or the snapping hiss of an overly large Tesla coil. 

Here’s a super, super quick video to show you the movement and tactile response.

Frankenstein light switch plate cover

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Off to play evil scientist. Mooohahah — MommaGeek 

Frankenstein Light Switch Plate Cover








Frankenstein Light Switch Plate

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