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The Melodica, more fun than you think

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I bring you, the melodica!!!!

This perhaps the funnest instrument on the planet. It’s like flutophone and a piano had a baby. This instrument is Weird Al worthy.

This is the one I bought. 

I bought one for my daughter for her birthday. She loves playing it. And I love when she goes to school so I can play it. I mean, yah I have a job and whatever, but I still make time to play the melodica.

If you searching around online for these, they are also known as a blow-organ. However, if I were you, I wouldn’t search for the words blow-organ at work. Save that search for home. Maybe sit at your computer with some popcorn for that google search.

Hermeto Pascoal

So the melodica has actually been around since 50’s. I would have liked to have been in the room with the guy who invented it. I can’t even imagine the thought process that led to this instrument. It’s so strange it is FUN. Rumor has it that this guy, Hermeto Pascoal, back in the 60’s could actually sing and play the melodica at the same time. This dude worked with Miles Davis. He was instrumental in development of jazz.

Anyway, here’s a video of him ripping it up on the blow-organ while he ‘sings’. It’s more a humming thing he does, but impressive none the less. His humming noise doesn’t match the key he plays so it’s like he makes a humming chord with the melodica.

You can check it out here:

Hermeto Pascoal – Rebuliço

Highlights from Hermeto’s appearance at the Rio Loco festival in Toulouse, France (2005). Personnel: Hermeto Pascoal (melodica), Jovino Santos Neto (piano) and Fábio Pascoal (percussions).

I think the reason I love the melodica so much, is that it sounds very Zelda like. It has that twangy wind instrument sound to it that many of the games soundtracks use.

So without further ado….

I give you my own melodica mastery of a favorite Zelda tune.

Melodica Zelda

The Melodica, also known as the blow-organ.


The Melodica. A Weird Al worthy Instrument

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  1. Ellen @ If It Brings You Joy

    Never heard of a melodica but I love it! Can we submit song requests?😀

  2. Tim

    I think you would enjoy building a modulin. It’s a DIY electronic violin.


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