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Must Have Halloween Decorations

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Halloween Decoration Must Haves

String light witch hats

These witch hat string lights are the perfect way to light up your trees or porch for Halloween. They are cute as heck and the kids will love them.

Blood bags for Drinks

There are a couple of different ways to go on this one. You can either get blood bags that are already filled. Or you can get a DIY kid.

The pre-filled bags have a really nice color to the blood and they require no work. 

The DIY bags allow you to mix whatever concoction you want.

You could make these adult beverages or you could make them kid friendly.

Will your dog be greeting all of the tricker treaters at the door this year?

Why not dress them up for the occasion.Halloween wind up toys

I don’t know about you, but I think these things are soooo much fun. Not only are they cute little toys, but they waddle around.

Frankenstein Shirt

Need to wear a costume, but don’t really want to? You need this shirt. It’s cute, it’s fun and it could double as your halloween costume.

Ghost prop

This ghost decoration is a wee bit scary, but not too scary. It’s head lights up and changes colors. You can hang it from a tree or stake him in the yard. Because these are only 41″ tall, they would be great along the sidewalk up to your door.

Halloween wall or door sign

Looking for something on the milder side? How about a fall colored boo sign. Show off your festivity in style. The burlap bow gives it a nice decorative touch.

Halloween Yard Stakes

These fun little skeleton, ghost and pumpkin yard stakes would look great in any yard. The cute decorations look like they are climbing right out of the ground.

Novelty Candy

Want to be the coolest house on the block? These oversized halloween themed lollipops will help. Don’t be the house that hands out root beer barrels and black licorice. Be the house that everyone looks forward to visiting.

Scary Asylum Door Decoration

I’ve shown you a lot of cute decorations, but how about some scary ones, like this asylum door that looks like it is dripping blood. If your halloween theme is gory, this is the door decoration for you.

Happy Halloweening!


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