Rated G for Geek

My name is MommaGeek and I am a mother to 5 kids that range in age from 5 to 23. I am also an iOS developer and an all around geek.

I love to check out new technology, gadgets and games. Plus, I like to try my hand at creative home crafts and decorating that fit my style.

My love of geeky things include everything from building an arcade cabinet to making a Venom cake. A lot of the things I do could prob end up on a Pinterest fails meme. But, I still enjoy the challenge.

I know this blog isn’t for everyone. Maybe you found your way here because you have a kid that loves Marvel. Or like me, a teenaged daughter that is in love with anime and video games. Whatever the reason, I hope you enjoy some of the Geek love I put into this blog.

-Momma Geek