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PS4 Games for Girls

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The ultimate list of PS4 games for girls. If you’ve had a hard time finding PS4 games for girls that they will love, then keep reading. I have boys and girls and they each enjoy gaming. Despite the gender and age gap, some of the games in this list are games anyone can enjoy. This list of PS4 games for girls will contain some classics and some modern games sure to be played for hours. ps4 games for girls

Videos gaming seems to come easily to most boys. Not so much for girls. But, this is for a variety of reasons, including limited exposure to gaming. Video games and especially PS4 games for girls have been few and far between. Or so we may think.

PS4 games that girls enjoy playing

There are actually quite a few games out there for girls. While these are not princesses that need their hair combed, they are PS4 games that girls enjoy playing and help a gamer grow into more serious gaming. 

PS4 games can be a great way to bond with siblings or a parent or just a way to enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon. PS4 games can also help girls by introducing them to new ways of thinking, exploring, and problem-solving. Hand-eye coordination is also improved from playing video games. The exposure of PS4 games for girls can lead to more understanding of unfamiliar electronics and less fear of things traditionally seen as just for boys. 

Girls tend to enjoy games that have a story type feel to them. They enjoy following along like it is a book or a movie. This helps involve her in the story. While boys may enjoy a good butt kicking baddie battle, girls tend to follow along with the narrative and need to be pulled into the meaning behind the good guys or the baddies. 

Many girls enjoy PS4 games that offer more free play and that are less stressful. Girls may enjoy a game that is more fun and less about the satisfaction of winning. Winning is still an important factor, but not losing is more important to more girls than winning. 

PS4 game number 1. Overcooked 2

This game has received great player ratings AND it’s couch co-op. Your kids can play together or Mom or Dad can play with. It’s a game that is fun for all ages. Very young kids will benefit from an older co-op player as the game can be fast paced.
This couch co-op supports up to 4 players at a time. So, it makes for a great family game and your kids don’t have to fight over who’s turn it is. The game allows for players to work together as a time or against each other in competition. Both gameplay styles will make everyone laugh.
The game has a cute storyline. The chefs (you), must make their way through the Onion Kingdom by cooking and filling orders. The catch is that the kitchen changes every level. The kitchen might rotate, or the floor might fall out. The challenges are fun and unique.

PS4 game number 2. Little big planet

This game is just a lot of goofy fun. The animations are fantastic. The characters have an endearing cuteness of a beloved stuff animal.  The game has zero scare factor and is a great choice for younger gamers.  This game has the added advantage of being a co-op. Because it is co-op a new to gaming child can learn new things and get support from another player.

PS4 game number  3. Lego games.

Lego has put out a ton of games and each one has been very successful. Lego does a good job of finding a movie storyline that our kids are already fans of and they make a game out of it. From Marvel Super Heroes, Harry Potter and even The Incredibles the game casts a wide net.

The games have multiple levels of pain. While you can follow along with the storyline and solve puzzles, the game also has free play. This is another co-op that kids of different levels can play together. 

PS4 game number  4. Ratchet and Clank

No list of games would be complete with Ratchet and Clank (2016). It has a great little storyline with some fun cut scenes. The characters are pretty cute and well animated. The gameplay feels much like the Lego games but with baddies to fight. This game has a mixture of parkour and some fairly easy bad guys to battle. This game offers the ability to turn on or off aim assist. This makes the game great for inexperienced gamers.

PS4 game number 5. Raymen legends

Raymen Legends is a game that has been around for a while. But it still a great game to play. It has some great animations and storyline. The good guys and the bad guys are cuties. The game is done in a mixture of 2D and 3D animation styles. While not technically a 3D game, the levels, and cut scenes have a definite depth to them, and this is something you don’t find in many games. 

The gameplay style is much like a Mario or Sonic game. Lots of jumping on little baddies and dodging things and some parkour. This is another co-op game. One nice thing about this game is, if your co-op teammate dies, you can revive them. 

PS4 game number 6. Kingdom Hearts, 1, 2, 3 and in Jan 2019, 4

Kingdom Hearts is far and away my favorite PS4 kids game. Kids like this game, but girls seem to love this PS4 game. The game has a storyline that plays like a movie and really draws in girls that love the animated film feel of a game. 

The game draws on the player’s love of Disney.  The characters include all of our favorites such as Donald Duck, Goofy, Ariel, Elsa and Anna and on and on and on. 

Each of the Kingdom Hearts games is fantastic. You don’t need to play the first game in order to enjoy the 3rd game. While the games build on each other, they are also independent games themselves. 

The premise of the game is light over darkness. So the gamer must save the day with the assistance of Disney characters and levels inspired by Disney movies. The game can be challenging at times, but because you are with characters that make you feel comfortable, the stress level is very low. The animations are wonderful, but the gameplay itself is dark. Literally dark as your job is to bring light to the kingdom. It takes a bit of getting used to the dark, but since the characters are all familiar it takes away any spook factor.  Even the villains are familiar in this game. Maleficent and Pete (from Goofy), and then a couple of baddies that look a little scarier. However, once these are encountered later in the game your kid will be familiar enough with the dark of the game that this animation style won’t make these baddies scary.  

Steam offers a wider variety of video games

While PS4 games for girls do exist, Steam offers a wider variety of video games for girls. You may be thinking to yourself, but pc games are so hard to play on a keyboard. 

Adult gamers that may not have grown up playing pc games with a keyboard may find it awkward. But, new and young gamers adapt to the style quickly. And if not, a gamepad can be used with many games. If your kid doesn’t like the keyboard style, this is always an option.

I myself prefer the gamepad play, but my kids by far prefer pc games. My younger kids will play online with their brothers who are away at college or their cousins who live in a different state. They will chat over discord and play at the same time. This really helps keep my kids connected with family when they are separated by distance. 

Because many of these games allow for private game playing you can just invite your friends without worrying about strangers. 

Big bonus for Steam games, they are relatively cheap compared to PS4 games.  However, you should feel comfortable helping your child set up a Steam account, downloading the needed software and troubleshooting when the pc doesn’t want to do just what you want. This often just means a reboot. Many of the Steam games also work on Mac, but be sure to look for the apple icon before purchasing any Steam games. 

Here is a short list of Steam games for girls. 

Steam game number 1. House Flipper.

In this game you get to tear down walls, fix the electric, layout a kitchen, style a bedroom any way you want. You can clean the floors or fix a broken radiator. The game offers a wide variety of things to do and then you can sell your house for a profit and buy another one. The gameplay is simple, but the designs and choices are endless. 

Steam game number 2. Humongous Entertainment Complete Pack. 

This is a game series that has been around since the late ’90s. The games play is basically following a story along and solving puzzles. These games are geared at young players, preschool to early elementary. The characters are lovable. The storyline is cute and this game involves ZERO stress and has no scare factor at all. 

Steam game number 3. A Hat In Time

The graphics on this game are great. It’s another game with depth to the animation giving a 3D type feel.  The game stars a little girl who sews together hats such as a spring cap, an ice hat, a time stop hat and each hat enables a magical power. It is a mixture or parkour and beating the fairly cute baddies and collecting items like hears and yarn. This game is a lot of fun to play. 

As you can see, quite a few PS4 games for girls are out there and be sure to check out Steam as well. 


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ps4 games for girls

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    Pin 32 shares. There is a list of PS4 games for girls. Some classics and modern games are included in this list of PS4 games for girls. The game can be fast paced and young kids will benefit from an older co-op player. While not technically a 3D game, the levels and cut scenes have a definite depth to them, and this is something you don’t find in many games. The game has a storyline that plays like a movie and draws in girls that love the game.

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