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Smart Switch LYASI Wi-Fi Light Switch

Best Affordable Switch for a Smart Home, LYASI Wi-Fi Light Switch

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I bought the LYASI Wi-Fi Light Switch because I am all about the smart home, or I’m trying to be. I am gradually filling my house with smart lights. I hope to add many other smart devices to my home in the near future. I found the LYASI Wi-Fi Light Switch to be the best smart switch for an affordable price.

I recently purchased the Smart Switch, LYASI Wi-Fi Light Switch to control my outside lights. I initially wanted to use the Hue smart bulbs that I have in the rest of my house, but after some research I found that those bulbs wouldn’t hold up to our cold midwestern winters. So, I went on a search for some other way to solve this problem.

I didn’t want to buy a whole new system. It’s spendy to have to buy an entire system just to install one device. When I came across the Smart Switch, LYASI Wi-Fi Light Switch, I bought it. It doesn’t require a hub and it works with Google Home and Alexa. It also works with Nest, however I currently don’t have Nest in my house.

The downside is that it doesn’t work with Apple Home Kit. But, this wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

Sure, I don’t have all the handy little scenes that I have with Apple Home Kit or Hue, but because of Alexa, I have the ability to toggle my lights when I’m not at home.

Recently I went on a trip to see my family, and while I was away I simply popped open my Alexa app and turned random lights on around the house at different times. In my opinoin, this is much better than having them on a timer. Since it’s random, it gives the appearance that someone is home. Helps keep the burglars away.

The Smart Switch,LYASI Wi-Fi Light Switch is a nice looking light switch. As you can see by the photo, I didn’t use the plate that came with it. This was because I only wanted to replace one of the two switches in that plate.

This switch only works if you have one switch controlling your lights. If you have 2 switches for 1 light set, you are basically out of luck. I searched high and low for something like that and I found one company that makes it. But, again that requires an entire system.

For the price, this can’t be beat. Instead of having to purchase 3 new smart bulbs for my outside light, I only had to purchase 1 light switch.

The app that comes with it for installation is basically a dud. The instructions tell you to hold down the light switch until it blinks and searches for it. I tried this several times with no luck. Fortunately, they have an alternate way to set it up. It is similar to setting up other wireless devices like Alexa or Google Home.

You hold the light switch down until the little wifi icon flashes. Then you go into your wireless settings and connect to it from there. After that, disconnect and you are off to the races. Easy peasy.

When it comes to bang for your buck, the Smart Switch,LYASI Wi-Fi Light Switch is definitely the way to go.


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Smart Switch LYASI Wi-Fi Light Switch

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