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LOL Surprise Confetti Pop
Opening LOL Surprise Confetti Ball
LOL Surprise Cheeky Babe
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L.O.L. Surprise! Series 3 Confetti Pop Tots

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Have you seen the LOL Surprise dolls (aff)? My 5 year old daughter is in love with these things. She even saves and spends her allowance on them.

They are basically blind bags on steroids for girls. They are a ball wrapped in several layers of plastic shrink wrap that take a significant amount of time to unwrap. This gives the effect of a wrapped present with multiple layers of gift wrap on it.

Then inside of this ‘present’ are blind bags. Each blind bag with an individual item inside of it. One will have shoes, another will have clothes, another will have a bottle and another will have either jewelry or a hair accessory. And of course, one for the doll itself.

This is basically something that looks like a little $1 vending machine toy. But, this doll cost nearly 13 dollars. You’d would think this is a total rip off. But for kids, it takes blind bags to a new level. Not only do you not know which doll you are getting, you also do not know what her accessories are going to be or what the doll will do.

Each of the LOL Surprise (affl)dolls come with a baby bottle. You fill the bottle with water and feed it to the baby. Some of the babies cry tears, some of the babies wet their pants and some of the babies spit.

So even after you have opened all of the little blind bags and dressed your doll, you still get to feed the doll and be surprised one last time when you find out what she does.

It is extra fun for your kid when they get one of the limited addition dolls.

So far, the best LOL my daughter has opened has been the LOL Surprise Confetti Pop. The one in these photos is named Cheeky Babe. She has a cute little mole by her lip, a Union Jack outfit, and little red rubber boots.

You take the outer wrapping off, which is 3 layers of plastic. Then you remove a piece of paper surrounding the top of the container.  Once you have done all of that, you finally get to turn the top of the ball, revealing a section to open. You pull out the blind bag, open it and have a hint of which of the dolls is inside. You get to do this several more times until the last section contains a piece of ribbon. Pull the ribbon and POP, out comes the ‘confetti’ (small, thin, cardboard circles) and the last blind bag. A bigger blind bag. THE blind bag that contains the doll.

Even after you have done all of this, you can press the platform down, fill it back up with the ‘confetti’ and pop it again.

Talk about a build up for a tiny little vending machine type toy. LOL Surprise has built on a child’s love of unwrapping presents and the anticipation of the surprise. This makes  your 13 dollars seem like money well spent.


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LOL Surprise Confetti Pop

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