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Haunted Halloween Statues

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This glow in the dark haunted Halloween statue DIY is a very simple project that has a lot of haunting effect. It is also very inexpensive. That’s my favorite type of any project.

haunted statue

The supplies you will need:

Statue: I picked up one from a thrift store.

Paint : I like this brand. You can buy an entire set and use for future projects, or you could just pick up white, red and black, or whatever colors you want to use.

Polymer clay : I have this set that I use for projects from time to time. This is a great starter kit and the clay is nice and soft.

Glow in the dark pigment powder:  I use this one. I have tried several, and nothing maintains its glow like this one does. It’s bright and lasting.

The first thing you want to do is buy a statue.

You will want to make sure your statue is not very glossy. The paint will have problems sticking to the statue if it is glossy. However, you can take a piece of sand paper to your statue to rough it up for the paint to stick. Supplies for Haunted Statue


Next, paint your statue with a good black base coat.Paint your Haunted Statue black

Painted haunted statue


Once dry, it will have a nice matte finish. You will want to add a touch of red paint to your statues eyes.

Paint red eyes onto your haunted statue.


At this point I used the polymer clay and created horns for my statue. I placed them on her head and popped the entire thing into the oven.

add horns to the haunted statue


Let your statue cool and then add some black paint to the horns.

Then take some of your pigment powder and mix it with some white paint. Using a dry brush with just a small amount of paint on it, dab it around your statue. This gives it a stone like look. I also added just a dab of the glow in the dark paint I had left over from another project to the center of the haunted statues eyes. However, you could just use the pigment powder mixed with water or paint for the same effect. I used the end of a small paint brush to get it into the small space.

Add glow in the dark paint to your haunted halloween statue


The last step is to set it under a light to charge the glow in the dark pigment. Try it out in a dark room.

glow in the dark haunted statue

Happy Haunting!


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Haunted glow in the dark halloween statue.

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