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Polymer Clay Project Idea for glass bottles and jars – Sun and Moon

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This easy polymer clay idea tutorial will show you have to make a sun and moon polymer clay bottle or jar. While the finished bottle has a raised sun and moon, the techniques to implement it are very easy. No artistic skills are required for this or any of the other polymer clay tutorials.

This it the 3rd tutorial in this series and will not focus on the technical details of how to bake on glass, cure the paint, etc. You can find that information in a previous tutorial here.  This tutorial is going to focus on design techniques of working with polymer clay on glass.

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The polymer clay project that I created is a sun and moon design with a braided tassel around the neck of the bottle. It only requires a few polymer clay pieces.

Polymer clay ideas sun moon bottle jar


The first thing that I did was to find an image of a sun and moon.

This is the one I used, but feel free to use your own. When selecting an image you will want to pick something that is not overly complex as you will need to trace the design onto the clay.

Roll out a thin piece of clay. I believe mine was an 1/8″ thick or so. You are going to trace your image with your clay already on your bottle. If you choose to trace it first and then place on the bottle be aware that because of its thin size it will easy distort and change shape.

Place the thin piece of polymer clay onto your bottle where you would like to put your design to go.

Place thin clay on bottle and position your image


Then using a sharp tool or a pencil or whatever you have (I used a cuticle pusher) press along the lines on your paper to mark your shape into the clay.

Traced the image into the clay

The next step I to cut away the excess clay.

The easiest way that I found to do this is to take a sharp knife and follow allow the lines without dragging my knife too much. With the thin clay and the details in my design I didn’t want to distort the polymer clay decoration I was putting onto my bottle.

As you can see, around the straight outer lines, I made large, straight cuts away from my design. The was for 2 reasons. First, it allowed for less distortion of the image. Second, by completely cutting the clay to the edge I was able to remove small sections at a time. That way, if the clay was still attached in a small area I would know right away and could fix before doing damage to the traced clay image.

cutting the traced image out of polymer clay

Now that the image is cut out, you will want to dust away any remaining clay on the bottle.

Then repeat with any additional polymer clay cutouts you want to place on the bottle.


Traced image cut out and on the bottle

To finish the bottle, I braided some polymer snakes together and wrapped them around the bottle neck.

I also looped the end of the brain around where I wanted the braid to terminate.

braided rope around neck of the bottle

The last thing to do is to bake and paint.

After baking I covered the bottle with Mod Podge and allowed to dry. Then I used a blue paint mixed with a bit of silver for the base and applied to coats. (info on how to cure the paint can be found here) Next, I used a straight gold paint to carefully paint the polymer clay raised pieces. To get the look I was going for, wanted to leave some of the blue showing through on the braid. Because of this, I only used a small bit of paint on the highest sections of the braid.

I think the result is really great. I love how the blue has just a touch of sparkle to it and the gold accents play nicely with that. The braid is very simple but because of the way it lays on the bottle, it has a nice impact to the overall design.

Polymer clay ideas sun moon bottle jar

I created a video of another polymer clay design for these bottles. While the design is different, the same techniques are applied.

DIY Polymer Clay Bottles Jars Tutorial

DIY polymer clay ideas for glass bottles and jars For more info and tutorials, check out https://www.mommageek.com

Polymer clay ideas sun moon bottle jar

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