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10 Best Gadgets to Make Mom’s Life Easier

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Are you a mom? Did you come from a mom? If so, this list is for you. These are the 10 best gadgets to make any mom’s life easier.  And let’s be honest, Mom can always use some help. If you are looking for a gift or looking for yourself, you’ve found the master list of mom’s must have items.

The Magic Tap

The first item on this list is The Magic Tap. Link

I know it looks a little infomercial at first, but I can tell you how great this little gadget is. It is a battery opperated dispenser for things like milk and juice. Your kids will be able to get their own milk for cereal! When I first got these (I bought 2) I was amazed. If you are a mother of small children you know that they somehow require a drink the instant you sit down, every time you sit down. AND, usually after you’ve already asked them if they needed a drink. With The Magic Tap, your kids will let you sit. Well, at least until they come up with some other thing they need. This is not a perfect item, but in my opinion it’s close. I did find that The Magic Tap would occasionally drip a couple of drops after it was done dispensing. To compensate for this, I set the milk and the juice on a paper towel in the refrigerator to catch any possible drips. After all, kids are involved.

Google Home, Google Home Mini

Google home and Google Home Mini Link have many wonderful uses. I listen to podcasts while I’m making dinner. I have a mini in my bathroom and listen to music in the shower. It can help find and read off a recipe.  But my favorite feature is the search. Sure, you can ask it ‘What time does Home Depot close’ or ‘what is the forecast?’. The search feature has made dinner time into a very talkative dinner time. At dinner someone will start a conversation. For example, we were talking about kangaroos. After getting google home involved here and there, the conversation led to marsupials in general. And by the end of dinner we found out that marsupial males have bifurcated penises. Yep.  Let me tell you, my son giggled and giggled. To be honest, we all did.

Google Store – Pixel, Chromecast and more

Shop at the Google Store for Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, Android Wear, Chromecast, Nest, plus a selection of accessories.


Hue Starter Kit

Smart Lighting: Options including Hue Starter Kit Link
One of the first automated improvements I made to my home was the Phillips Hue lights. I have these all around my house. Not in every light socket, but in the important ones. You may think to yourself, ‘But, I can flip a light switch on and off.’ Well, I’m sure that you could. But, with this device, you don’t have to. That’s just cool factor. The real power comes with how you program them. I have created scenes for different areas of my house. I have a scene set up in my kitchen to turn the lights on at a very dim level in the winter months. When I get up at 6, it is still very dark out, and flipping those lights on shocks my night owl body too much. But now with the Hue lights, I walk down to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of coffee and over the next 30 minutes my hue lights gradually brighten to full light. It’s like having the effect of dawn in your own kitchen. I do a similar thing at night. I have the lights set to begin to dim at 10:45. And when they shut off, I know I’ve stayed up too late.

The hue light  on my night stand gradually turn on in the morning before my alarm clock goes off helping to wake me up without feeling like I was too exhausted to hit the snooze button 12 more times.

The Phillips Hue has 2 different versions. The white bulbs and the hue color bulbs. I generally like the white and they are less expensive. I have another post here about smart light switches. 

Echo Dot as an intercom

Alexa acts as a great intercom. link

At this point, nearly everyone on the planet (prob not, but feels like it) has some version of Alexa. I have a handful of the Dot’s. I love them. The kids listen to music when they fall asleep. They ask her for a Yo Momma joke and she makes them laugh. But, I have one primary use for my Dot’s. I use them an intercom system in my house. I priced out what it would cost to put intercoms in places where my kids would hear them, and it was just way too expensive. My daughter has a room in the basement, and my younger kids have bedrooms on the top floor of the house. I got real sick of running downstairs to tell my daughter dinner time, or come unload the dishwasher, or your friends at the door. It was starting to feel like I was on a stair climber at the gym. But with the Echo Dot, I can simply say, drop in on so and so’s room, or call so and so. I could text my daughter, but then my daughter has the plausible deniability that she didn’t see the text. With Alexa, she knows I can hear her. Kid 0, Mom +1

Robot Vacuums

I know, I know. You’ve heard the hype of a robot Vacuum. You’ve even thought about getting one, but you just can’t bring yourself to spend all that money on something you aren’t even sure you are going to like. Well, get over it. You are going to like it. You’ve prob had friends tell you how bad they are or how great they are. Let me tell you, it all comes down to what you buy. I’ve owned several different types over the years. I even got my family hooked on them. So I am going to tell you about 2 that I think are really great, but not equal.

First, the Samsung PowerBot R7010 link

For what this vacuum does, the price is a steal. This Samsung PowerBot is smart. It knows where it has been and where it is going. It is as advanced as many others in the market, but almost everything else you find in this price bracket is just going to aimlessly move around your floor unit it mostly cleans your floor. This model comes with an infrared beacon so you can keep this little guy in one location in your house or keep it away from the dogs water. The Samsung PowerBot doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the more expensive ones have. You can’t use your phone to program it and it doesn’t ping you when it is done. BUT, the price can’t be beat for the quality of work it does. This is what I would call a beginners model. A lot of bang for your buck with this little guy. It is a little noisy and doesn’t have the longest battery time. However, it will dock itself, charge and then finish the job once charged. BAM! Clean floors and a show. OHHHH, I almost forgot. The filter is washable!!! No need to be buying filters.

The next model that I’m going to talk about is the iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum with WiFi – link You want something that is quiet, maps your room with precision to get the job done fast and then alert you when it’s all done? This guy is for you. It really does an amazing job cleaning. It can detect when an area is extra dirty so that it can really clean it all. Compared to the Samsung PowerBot R7010, this beauty is a Lamborghini and the Samsung is a practical 4 door with good gas mileage, like a used Nissan.

WiFi Enabled Crockpot

WeMo WiFi Enabled Crockpot. link

Have you ever had to work late at the office, or got stuck out of the house and all you could think about was the dinner in the crockpot that your kids are going to complain about anyway. But now, it is going to be ruined if you can’t turn it to low by 3. That’s me, and maybe that’s you also. If it is, this crockpot will save the day. Out having lunch with the girls and it turns into day drinking and you won’t be home soon? Just use the WeMo app to control your crockpot. No need to worry that dinner won’t be done or will burn.

Key and Wallet tracker, maybe even the dog.

Mynt Tracker link

I lose my keys roughly everyday, all day. I know that sounds awful, but it’s so true. Either I left them on the counter with 26 grocery bags, or put them in my suitcase sized purse, or one of the kids was playing school bus on the couch with them. The Mynt tracker can help you find those keys. It doesn’t just show you with GPS on a map on your phone. It can actually beep, letting you know if you are hot or cold. And if you lose your phone, you can use the remote to find it. If you are like me, you’ve misplaced your phone and your wallet while looking frantically for the keys. Being a mom can leave you feeling scattered sometimes. The Mynt tracker also has some other handy features, like acting as a remote, using it to take selfies without having to hit the button while you are making that old lady face of ‘where is that dagnabbit button’.

Nightlights without the need for an outlet

These Motion Activated LED Night Lights link are perhaps my most loved gadget at the moment. I love them so much I own 9. Here’s the story. When I moved into this house the carpets were pretty and white. I have kids. End of story. HAHAH not quite. Back to the I have kids. They DESTROYED the carpet. The carpet was prob 2o years old, but still. They just devastated it. Looked like puppies were born all over my house on the floor. Then I put beautiful dark bamboo throughout my house. Looks gorgeous. My staircase was dramatic and rich…. and dangerous. For some stupid reason my stairwell is not well lit. I mean, it’s kind of lit, but with those dark stairs it was like walking down the ramp of a haunted house. I couldn’t afford an electrician to put in lights everywhere, so I decided to install nightlights. Battery powered lights would suck. But not with these little guys. They are rechargeable with a USB cable. The motion sensitivity is great. They turn on when I am a good step and a half away from each one. I put them every third step on my stair case.  The light shines down to the floor and it is bright but not jarring bright at night. And they are cheap. You can buy a 3 pack.  I am singing with the angels the praises of my staircase transformation. Not only do they work great, the don’t look cheap on my wall.

Video Door Bell

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro link is on my list of must haves. I don’t own it… yet. But I’ve been doing some shopping around. I have several reasons for buying this. One, I like to see who comes and goes from my house. I have a teenaged daughter. You get it. Also, it lets me know when the kids get off the school bus and make it into the house. And I’m sure you’ve seen video posted online of some jacka$$ stealing packages off people’s porches. This door bell is what you need to not only deter that, but to catch it on video if it should happen.

One of the reasons I like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro one is the WiFi. The lower end models only offer 2.4 GHz and this model offers 2.4 or 5 GHz. This makes a difference if you have neighbors near by or appliances that might interfere with your signal. The video is 1080p HD to help catch high quality video of any bad guys or boyfriends and it offers better motion detection. It uses the same wiring that your existing door bell uses and you can even get different face plates for it. So if you have boyfriends or bad guys, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro might be for you.

Apple Watch

And last but not least, the Apple Watch link If you don’t already own an Apple Watch, but maybe have a FitBit, or maybe you never got into that count your steps thing, you can still utilize the Apple Watch. Sure, it’s great at the health stuff. Heartbeat, calories, goal setting, workouts, swimming. It has all the bells and whistles of an Apple product, apps, news even games (haven’t found a fun one yet). But it has another super skill for moms. It allows you to unplug from your phone and still receive important text messages and phone calls. It’s hard to put our phones down, but our kids really benefit when we do. Eye contact and honest to goodness full attention on your child does wonders for self esteem, relationship building and teaching empathy. If you are a mom who needs to see when your sister has her baby, or when your boss reads that email you sent, you can do all of that and never pick up your phone. When we pick up our phones, we don’t put it down. With the Apple Watch, you don’t need to pick it up.

The above products, or most of them are affiliate links. These are products that I have purchased myself that have made my life easier. All honest opinions. Ha, sometimes too honest.


This post may contain affiliate links. If you click & make a purchase, I receive a commission! Disclosure policy here.
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