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She-Ra Princess of Power

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If you haven’t already heard, Netflix is doing a remake of She-Ra. This reboot of She-Ra Princess of Power will be an animated series geared at the next generation of She-Ra fans.  My kids will no doubt dress up in She-Ra Halloween costumes, and carry She-Ra lunchboxes and say those famed words, “I am She-Ra!”. But why should kids have all the fun. Those things come in grown up sizes, too!

So, in honor of the She-Ra princess of power reboot that will be released on Netflix, Nov 16th, I have put together a list of She-Ra gear, She-Ra t-shirts, and other merch any fan would love to own.

Popfunk She-Ra and Swiftwind Women’s T Shirt & Stickers

This awesome retro inspired She-Ra t-shirt not only rocks, but it comes with a She-Ra sticker. This She-Ra sticker is worthy to be displayed on anyone’s laptop or notebook.

TruffleShuffle Womens Grey She Ra Princess Of Power Lightweight Sweater

What say’s 80’s like a She-Ra sweatshirt. Nothing!! She-Ra sweatshirts!!! I’ve thrown a couple of them into this list, because both styles really defined the 80’s.

80sTees Juniors Masters of The Universe She-Ra Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt

The off the shoulder She-Ra sweatshirt gives us a bit of a Flashdance feel while still honoring the legendary She-Ra princess of power.

Masters of The Universe I Am She Ra Juniors White Hoodie with Cape

Of course, to completely geek out in a sweatshirt, you will need this one. It has a cape!!! Why just honor She-Ra when you can dress like She-Ra. Perfect for chilly days and for pretend play. You are never to old to pretend.

Fusion Fight Gear She-Ra Women’s compression leggings spats tights yoga pants

Ok, so we’ve seen a lot of She-Ra gear before, but we’ve never seen She-Ra leggings before. These are a serious fan merch. Don’t just work out. Work out like She-Ran princess of power. Feel free to yell ‘I am She-Ra’ as you work pound through the end of that work out.

She-Ra Masters of the Universe vynil car sticker 3″ x 5″

Not into screaming ‘She-Ra’ at the top of your lungs, but still want to represent? A vinyl car sticker is a perfect, yet subtle way of showing off your love.

Smiffy’s Women’s She-ra Costume, Dress, Armcuffs, Bootcovers, Headpiece 

Of course we can’t forget Halloween or cosplay. Be She-Ra for Halloween. Show off the power of Greyskull with this great tribute to the princess of power.

She-Ra — Masters Of The Universe — Fleece Throw Blanket

How about cuddling up with a She-Ra throw blanket while you veg out on the new Netflix series? If you’re like me, you will be cuddling up with She-Ra and your cat.

Comic Book Hero Canvas Lunch Bag 

And last, but no least… the She-Ra lunch box. As a kid, I had a She-ra lunch box. When I saw it in the store my eyes lit up and I proudly carried it for an entire year. While I can’t go back to the 80’s, I can take this She-Ra lunch box to work and feel that very same pride everyday.

She-Ra was a hero to me, is a hero to me. She was a bad ass with a sword and a sweet crown. I hope some of these things inspire you to remember the princess of power in yourself.

I am She-Ra!!!


She-Ra Princess of Power

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