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Hi! Welcome to my blog, Momma Geek. I’m April and I’m a momma geek. This is my first ‘real’ attempt at a blog. Why did I start this blog? Why do you want to enter such an oversaturated market of other moms blogging, you may ask. Well, I love to read blogs. But, I have never found one that really matched who I am or what I am about. See, I am a mother, and a software developer and an all around tech junkie. I dig science fiction, video games and also mom stuff, like cooking and hanging with the kids.

I love gadgets and goodies! A friend recently told me, I should share my ideas with the rest of the world. So, here I am. I just wanted to take a moment and say ‘hi’ and what this is all about.

If you follow me, you can expect a few things:

First, my spelling and grammar are awful. Like I shouldn’t have passed 4th grade awful. Sometimes spell check can’t figure out what I’m trying to write and it begs me to stop. Trying to read my spelling is like trying to read license plates.  And my attention span is pretty short. I blame the internet. :o) So, I prob won’t ever reach that coveted 1,000 word post.

Second, I will try to keep all of my post PG-13 or below. But, come on, we all know every once in a while an R rated thing comes out. Even the best of us have our moments.

Tech and gadgets are a big part of my life and will be a big part of this blog. I don’t just mean how many Terabytes I have in my house (not to brag, but it is 30). I mean the little tech that makes life easier or more fun. You know all those ‘as seen on tv’ and the funny stuff you find on Amazon. You wonder to yourself, who buys that stuff? It’s me. It’s always me. I am the lady with the slider pan, and the sandwich bag sealer and spin mop. But, I also love other things like Mac and PC and every little handheld device you can think of.  For the majority of this blog, I will try to stick to the momma geek stuff. Robot Vacs? YES! Bluetooth essential oil diffuser? YES! Video games for the whole family? YES! Steam mop? Prob no, but never say never.

Anyway, stick around. I’ll do some reviews and some videos and maybe even share some video game screen time. Feel free to comment any momma geek tech you’d like me to review or any questions that you have.

-Momma Geek

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