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Miami Vice – drugs and perms

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Ahhhhhhh….. Miami Vice was a cultural phenomenon. It had hot, easy chicks, lots of money, beaches and sunshine, fast boats and drugs. And lots and lots of money.

Miami Vice is 34 years old today. I wasn’t very old when it first aired. So, I didn’t know a lot about the show. What I do remember was white, pleated pants with no socks, men with perms and lots of cocaine. The best part of the show were the guest actors. People like Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Liam Neeson, even Chris Rock. And, the list goes on and on. So many actors that guest appeared on Miami Vice went on to have exceptional careers.

I didn’t actually think it was a very good show, but the law of the land back in those days was, whatever mom or dad was watching, that is what you were watching too.

As a kid, my older brothers and my younger sister used to play our own version of Miami Vice. We’d fill a plastic bag with powdered sugar to be our cocaine and put some sewing needles in the bag. We didn’t know any better. We thought drug needles were just sewing needles and you needed them to do cocaine.

My younger sister would usually play the murder victim and then cry because she wanted to be part of the vice. But, sucks to be her because we needed a victim.

We’d then hide the ‘cocaine’ in the house somewhere and spend the next half-hour as the vice looking for clues to the missing drugs.

Not the best game for kids under 12 to be playing, but it kept us entertained.

Now 34 years later, rumor has it that Miami Vice is coming back to the small screen. This time with Vin Diesel and Chris Morgan running the show. The last time we saw Vin Diesel and Morgan team up on a gig, it was the movie Fast and the Furious.

I don’t know that I would be a die hard fan, but I will give it a try on to see if the pilot can compete with my memories of playing the game.  If Vin Diesel is helping produce this, how bad can it be, right? Fast boats, cops, and drugs, seems like it could be a good fit for his long standing record of  onscreen badassery.  But, I’m not going to hold my breath or anything that this won’t just be another CSI reboot with an occasional perm thrown in for nostalgia.



Pilot/Brother’s Keeper

Watch Pilot/Brother’s Keeper (Season 1, Episode 1) of Miami Vice or get episode details on NBC.com



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