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Krypton on SyFy

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OMG! OMG! OMG!  The premier of Krypton on SyFy is only a few days away!!!!!! Can you tell that I am excited.

My first crush was on Superman. I was in love with him. I was in love with Clark Kent and Superman. I mean, it’s the best of both world. He’s a sweet heart of a man that bends over backwards to make you happy and he’s the bad boy that can kick some butt all at the same time.  From muscles to looks, he had it all.

I’ve watched and read everything Superman that I can get my hands on. The movies and tv shows were far less kind to Lois Lane than the comic book series. In the broadcast versions I always felt like punching her in the throat. She was mean to the hunk of my life. And even as I grew up, my anger at her never really went away. The only show were I didn’t find this to be true was Lois and Clark. Ahhh, Superman Dean Cain, swoon.

I am not one of those die hard Superman fans. If something doesn’t exactly fit into the comic book story line it’s ok. As long as it serves to better the film, and also does not take away from the base story of Superman.

This time around, my heartthrob will be taking a backseat to his grandfather on Krypton. He will fight for his family’s honor like a brave knight of the round table. And will battle the legendary Brainiac. The House of El will fight to rise up once more as a great house and a force to reckoned with.

This is a SyFy series. They have put out some remarkable content over the last few years. Gone are the days of B films and small budget science fiction. The SyFy channel has become a power house of geek media. From the wildly popular Magicians to Channel Zero and The Expanse, the lineup at SyFy is a nerd’s paradise. And with the quality of shows being put out, it is attracting other audiences as well.

The new Krypton appears to be following the footsteps of the Magicians in its appeal to younger CW type audience.  And seriously, CW has the show Supernatural (Sam and Dean, Squeeeee!). Any friend of Sam and Dean is a friend of mine.

I will be back, later this month to review the first few episodes of Krypton. Until then, up, up and away.

-Momma Geek

Krypton Official Trailer #2

The past is no longer safe. Brainiac is coming for Krypton. The untold story begins 3/21 on SYFY!



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