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Bluetooth essential oil diffuser.

Bluetooth essential oil diffuser

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I’ll be real honest here, when I order my bluetooth oil essential oil diffuser (affl)I didn’t know it had bluetooth. I ordered it because it was a nice form and shape and had bamboo accents.

I know oil diffusers aren’t everyone’s thing and that I was prob the last person to get on the oil diffuser bandwagon. But once I got on it, I couldn’t get off.

I love when I walk into someone’s house and it smells so welcoming. I have kids and pets and cook a lot. This leaves some not so pleasant smells in my house. Air fresheners give me a headache as well as most candles. The essential oils do not. And I can mix a concoction all of my own. I am a fan of the one that smells like pinesol and the citrus smells. Makes it smell like I just cleaned my house without cleaning my house. I’m lazy like that.

When the Art Naturals Bluetooth essential oil diffuser came in the mail I noticed in the instructions that it was bluetooth capable. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why you would want bluetooth on an oil diffuser. That is until I connected it and listened to a podcast while I was making dinner.

Now I don’t use the bluetooth all the time, it is not the highest quality speaker you could have, but it gets the job done. I don’t have to blast one of my other devices to hear what I want to listen to in the kitchen.

I could see potential for this in a bedroom or other area. You could play rain sounds or lullabies to your kiddos while they were trying to sleep. Recently when my son was sick with a cold, I put the diffuser in his room and filled it with peppermint and eucalyptus and played some music on it so he could sleep better.

I have to say that the bluetooth has actually come in handy and I’m glad I bought the model with that option.

It has a multiple settings for how long you want it to run and what color of lights it will display. It also comes with a starter set of oils.

I don’t really know about any health benefits from oils. I haven’t really cared. I’ve only been interested in covering the day to day smells in my house.


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Bluetooth essential oil diffuser.

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